Gardening in Winter? What can you do in the garden in winter? There are some tasks that you can do in the winter that can lessen the craziness of trying to get everything done in the Spring.

FLOW is pleased to present Debra Knapke, The Garden Sage, as our Jan. 22 webinar speaker. Debra is an avid horticulturalist, teacher, author, and eclectic gardener, who shares her extensive knowledge of sustainable gardening with organizations all across the U.S. Be sure to visit her website at

Debra will give a presentation about the general management of a winter garden with an emphasis of what we can do in the “dormant” time. She will talk about what dormancy is, why winter damage occurs, what we can and cannot affect in our garden during winter. She will also talk about winter tasks in the garden as there are things one can do in the garden at certain times. Winter is the time for dreaming of how beautiful your gardens will be next season!

This webinar will not be recorded. Please register at the link. Time is 6:00 – 7:00 pm, EDT, and there will be time for questions.