FLOW is seeking Central Ohio artists to turn this Olentangy Trail water pump station into public art! 

Download the submission form HERE. Application deadline April 3, 2024


The Department of Public Utilities (DPU) and Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) are working together to use educational public art to promote DPU’s mission, beautify a pump station, and reduce graffiti. This public artwork will be installed to educate the community about the importance of water, rivers, and watersheds in our daily lives and will specifically address the One Water concept. DPU will install accompanying educational signage to explain the mural and how it advances DPU’s mission.

The mural will be installed on a pump station situated the Olentangy Trail between SR 315 N and Goodale Avenue. Pump stations are used to move water against gravity from one location to another. The pump station identified for this art project conveys wastewater to DPU’s water reclamation facility.

This project is open to any artist or artist team that …
● Is 18 years or older, or has parental permission
● Has demonstrated experience as a mural artist
Conflict of Interest: City of Columbus employees are ineligible for consideration


Deadline: Wednesday April 3, 2024

Submit application to: info@olentangywatershed.org by 5pm EST

This is a call for artists. We are not asking you to submit a mural design, but to submit examples of your previous work. A panel of representatives from DPU and FLOW will select five (5) artists as our semifinalists, based on their style and unique artwork. The five semifinalists will be compensated $250 to submit a design for the mural. Those five designs will receive public input, but the final design will be selected by the panel and one artist will be chosen to complete the mural. All questions can be sent to info@olentangywatershed.org by Monday April 1, 2023.

Please Submit the Following to FLOW

  1. Digital images of relevant, past artwork (minimum of 2, maximum of 5)
    a. Photographs must be submitted as JPG, JPEG, or PNG files
    b. Relevant artwork should include mural(s)
  2. Completed application
    a. If submitting as a team, please put one name down for contact information

 Semifinalist Selection

DPU and FLOW select five (5) semifinalists based on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications: Artist qualifications as demonstrated by past work. Of highest priority are the artistic capabilities of the artist(s) and the inherent quality of their original artwork to enhance a City asset and educate the community.

Semifinalists will be notified by FLOW and will be provided a template for completion of pump station art concept design.


Deadline: Monday May 13, 2024

Submit concept designs to: info@olentangywatershed.org by 5pm EST 

Please Submit the Following to FLOW:

  1. Completed concept design (see prompt under “Designing Your Artwork”).
  2. Explanation of concept design: How the design speaks to the One Water concept and advances DPU’s mission within the context of the Olentangy River watershed.

Finalist Selection

DPU and FLOW will solicit public input and select the winning artist/design from submitted Round Two designs based on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications: Artist qualifications as demonstrated by past work and the appropriateness of their concept. Of highest priority are the artistic capabilities of the artist(s) and the inherent quality of their original artwork to enhance a City asset and educate the community and advance DPU’s mission.
  • Artistic Excellence: Artists and the concept design shall demonstrate excellence of creative and aesthetic ideas, a mastery of skills and techniques in the creation of original art works, communication of unique vision or perspective, and professional approaches to process and presentation.
  • Appropriateness to Site: Artwork shall be appropriate in scale, material, form, and content for the site.
  • Durability: Highly durable and safe artwork designed to withstand the natural elements and public space

The finalist will be notified by notified by FLOW.

Following Columbus Art Commission approval, the artist will be expected to complete the mural by June 30, 2024.

The selected artist will receive a stipend of $11,750 from FLOW for painting their Olentangy Watershed Water Pump Station Mural on the designated water pump station. Payment will be made following completion of mural.


The artist will be given a supply stipend of up to $5,000 for supplies to paint the water pump station mural and anti-graffiti paint. Artists will need to bring their own paintbrushes and any additional supplies they want. 

DPU and FLOW will be available for questions. All artists and any assistant(s) will need to sign a waiver for the painting event. Traffic cones and safety vests will be provided. Artists are allowed to bring an assistant on the day(s) of painting.

DPU and FLOW are permitted by the semifinalists and final artist to use pictures of their  artwork on social media, DPU public communications and website, FLOW’s website, the project report, and any other outlets deemed appropriate by DPU and/or FLOW.



Theme: “One Water” and the Olentangy Watershed

One Water is a transformative way of viewing, valuing, and managing water. The One Water approach manages all water – whether from the tap, a stream, a storm, an aquifer, or a sewer–in a collaborative, integrated, inclusive, and holistic manner. One Water can change and regenerate the way we live, the opportunities we have, our environment, and our society. For more information about One Water, visit the US Water Alliance.

The Olentangy watershed is part of the Scioto River basin and includes the City of Delaware, several university campuses like Ohio State University, and significant portions of Northern Columbus. About 250,000 people live in the watershed. To learn more about the Olentangy Watershed, visit FLOW’s website.

Columbus Department of Public Utilities Mission: To enhance the quality of life, now and into the future, for people living, working and raising families in central Ohio through economic, efficient, and environmentally responsible stewardship of superior public utilities.


  • The artwork may not contain business logos, brands, trademarks, political or religious statements, or depict illegal activities.
  • All artwork must be public-friendly.
  • The artist is welcome to put their signature on the artwork.
  • Conform to ODOT requirements (attached).
  • Artwork must cover 3 sides of the pump station. The pump station measurements are as follows:

wall 1

Wall 1: 10 ft x 28 ft

wall 2

Wall 2: 10 ft x 14 ft

wall 3

Wall 3: 10 ft x 14 ft

 supply box 1supply box 2

Artwork should also cover the associated electric supply box. The measurements of that supply box are as follows:

5 ft x 5 ft x 7ft

Download the submission form HERE. Application deadline April 3, 2024

Download this Call for Artists as a pdf