Bioblitz will be held at Dear Haven Park and will aim to record all living things in the study area including, fungi, trees, wildflowers, mammals, bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders and other macro-invertebrates. Experts will lead survey hikes in the prairie, forest and wetland areas.

Members of the public are invited to join the BioBlitz Friday, Sept. 7, noon-midnight, and Saturday, Sept. 8, 8 a.m.-noon.  No reservation required.

Location:  Dear Haven Park 4183 Liberty Rd N, Powell, OH 43065


Friday, September 7

12:00 Bio blitz Kickoff

1:00 Geology

2:00 Fungi

3:00 Reptile survey (flipping mats or metal)

4:00 Dragonfly/Damselfly hike, Macro invertebrates

5:00 Fish shocking/seining

6:00 Spider Collection

7:00 Turtle program

8:00 Frog Calls

9:00 Bat Calls

10:00 Moth spotlight

Saturday, September 8

8:00 Bird Mist Netting/Bird Hike

9:00 Mammals (traps)

10:00 Worm charming, Herbaceous and woody plants

11:00 Insect, spider ID

12:00 Bio blitz Overview and Wrap Up