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At FLOW, we have a mission to increase the tree canopy across the watershed. We want to promote tree equity and provide the community the resources to do so. The tree canopy within the watershed has ample room for improvement, with areas having a tree canopy percentage as low as 7%. Below is a map detailing the tree canopy within Franklin County. The orange areas represent sectors with poor tree canopy, while the green sectors have higher canopy levels; however there is always room for improvement. Trees offer numerous critical ecosystem services such as improving air quality, water quality, climate resilience, and ecosystem health. The tree equity initiative is crucial because tree cover maps often align with redlined or lower-income communities. Thus, we aim  to ensure that all areas of the watershed  experience equal tree cover so that all citizens can benefit from the many advantages they offer.

tree canopy

Tree canopy within Franklin County


In addition to promoting tree equity, increasing the tree canopy would positively impact the natural environment. Adding native species to the landscape and promoting plant diversity are crucial to building sustainable ecosystems. In recent years, trees have been completely cleared out or replaced by non-native species. These non-native plants can be extremely detrimental to native species and disrupt natural habitats. Native plants have many benefits, including promoting biodiversity, conserving water, preserving natural heritage, and providing food and shelter for wildlife. Additionally, native plants are often easier to maintain and more resistant to environmental risks. 

Invasive Bradford Pear

Invasive Bradford Pear

Bradford/Callery Pear Trees are an invasive non-native species that has caused major damage to Ohio’s habitats. The tree is problematic for many reasons, including poor, unstable trunks that can lead to damage, rapid growth, destruction of native ecosystems and plants, and disease resistance. Additionally, many residents find the trees to be irritating due to their bad odor, messy flowers, and shard thorns. Bradford trees are now illegal to sell, plant, or grow in Ohio. We want to assist Ohioans in replacing these trees with native species that will support the environment and will ensure longevity. 



Worthington Tree Nursery

Worthington Tree Nursery

In our tree nurseries, we have 1800+ trees that we hope to distribute this fall. We have collected over 30 species of plants and trees within our tree nurseries. In order to ensure that all are going to safe homes, we need help distributing them. We are looking for passionate local citizens within our watershed to act as Tree Ambassadors this fall. This position would entail taking responsibility for an amount of trees ( for example, 15 trees) and distributing them to your neighbors through word of mouth, public engagement, social media, or any way that you believe is best! This program has been very successful in the past, and we hope to expand it this year. 

We are also offering pickup days if you are interested in having new trees for your home!

More information will be available regarding the place and time for your trees in the fall, however if you are interested please fill out the survey below! We will be in contact with you to help organize your pick up! 

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To learn more about native species, tree equity, our nurseries, or how to get involved please reference the information below. We are so grateful for our community and want to help better the environment tree by tree! Thank you for your help and any questions can be directed to 


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About Tree Equity:

Franklin County Tree Equity Map:

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Bradford/Callery Pear Tree Ban Information:

Tree Removal Recommendations: 

  • Arbor Inc: 614-876-5622
  • Ascher Tree Service: 614-286-4517
  • Wright’s Tree Service: 614- 237-7901 
  • Russell Tree Experts: 614- 895-7000
  • Davey Tree Service: 614- 300-1480