Teachers and Home Schoolers

We would like to encourage you to use these lesson plans to support home learning.  Please consider visiting some of the local green spaces in our watershed to support student understanding and to help them make connections with what they are learning!

Also, remember to take a bag with you for any trash you may see along the way!  Have fun learning and growing together!



TREES: “Meet SomeTrees”  give a good overview of several native species found in the watershed – challenge your students to find these trees where they live!


SWIFTlets for SCIENCE STANDARDS: Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District’s SWIFTlets have been created to enhance at-home learning and exploration. These instructional guides include topical background information, related children’s books, straightforward learning activities and related online resources. Each SWIFTlet has a corresponding coloring page. The SWIFTlets are aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Earth and Space Science and Life Science. The SWIFTlets and coloring pages are available on their website.

OVERVIEW (pdf)  |  Website with downloadable SWIFTlets and coloring pages

Additional swiftlets (released since this overview)

SWIFTLET 15- October – Studying Stormwater

SWIFTLET 16- November/December – Colorful Compost

SWIFTLET 17- January 2021 – Below the Winter Snow

SWIFTLET 18- March- Venturing Into Vernal Pools





Lesson Plan 1 - Green Green

Green Green: A Community Gardening Story

Lesson Plan 2 - Seeds

Adaptable Lesson Plan for Grades 3-5

Lesson Plan 3 - My Hair is a Garden

My Hair is a Garden by Cozbi A Cabera