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Newsletters and Studies

Monthly Email Newsletters – timely info on upcoming events, and photos and news from the previous month. Most recent newsletters are at the top of the list.

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Bi-annual Newsletters – in depth articles

Highlights listed below links; most recent at the top of the list

  • Spring 2022 (PDF)
    Native plants – for the birds, bees and butterflies!
    Spotlight on Super Stars – Cory Richmond
    2021 Annual Report celebrates FLOW’s 25th year
    There’s no “off-season” for cleanups!
    FSWCD presents Blue Heron Awards
  • Fall 2021 (PDF)
    Pedestrian bridge over Slyh Run has been completed!
    Spotlight on Super Stars Shelly Douglas and Maggie Potter
    Olentangy Collaborative Project 2021
    Everything is Connected (new video featuring FLOW)
    FLOW by the Numbers (2020-2021 report)
    Fall Conservation Tips
  • Spring 2021 (PDF)
    Village at Willow Brook Stream Habitat Restoration
    FLOW Volunteers of the Season: Zach Fisher and Samir Jain
  • Fall 2020 (PDF)
    Preserving the Sawmill Wetlands Educational Area
    FLOW 2020 Recap
    Education and Outreach Working to Meet the Needs of Families During At-Home Learning
    COVID and FLOW
    FLOW Autumn 2020 Vollunteer: Lindalee Brownstein
  • Spring 2020 (PDF)
    A Partnership that Works
    FLOW Native Tree Nursery
    Revised Watershed Action Plan Expected This Summer
  • Fall 2019 (PDF)
    Greenspace Planning Tool Ready
    Winning the Invasives War at Perry and Snouffer Parks
    Blue Heron Award
    One Little Thing (packaging waste)
  • Spring 2019 (PDF)
    From Pavement to Green Space: Hamilton STEM Academy
    Tackling Olentangy Trail Flooding
    Kempton Run’s New Habitat
    One Little Thing (leave dried plants standing)
  • Fall 2018 (PDF)
    The Future of Olentangy Watershed Greenspace
    Restoring Slyh Run
    Anheuser-Busch’s Landscaping Makeover
    One Little Thing (raking leaves)
  • Spring 2018 (PDF)
    Saving Carmack Woods
    Rush Run: A Gem in the Rough
    One Little Thing (plastic straws)
  • Fall 2017 (PDF)
    20 Years of Progress
    Webster Park
    Greenspace Planning Grant
    Beauty and the Butterflies
  • Spring 2017 (PDF)
    Pollinator Pathways
    Recycling Survey
    Why Trees Matter
    Blueprint Columbus
    Stream Quality Monitoring
  • Fall 2016 (PDF)
    Anheuser Busch’s Vision for Rush Run
    Calling all Wet Basements
    Chemical Abstracts Riverbank Upgrade
    Back to School River Cleanup
    Measuring Stream Health
    Coffee Pods made Useful
    On the Slyh
  • Spring 2016 (PDF)
    Love your Urban Trees
    When Plants Go Bad
    Going Batty
    Life Cycle of a Cigarette Butt
    Rain Gardens
  • Fall 2015 (PDF)
    Shady Doings in Linden
    Small Beads, Big Trouble
    Healthy Ponds Ahead
    Anheuser-Busch River Cleanup
    Taking PRIDE in our River
    My Favorite River Spot
    Our Volunteers: Changing the Watershed
  • Spring 2015 (PDF)
    A Fund for FLOW’s Future
    Coming Attractions
    Solving the Plastic Bags Dilemma
    The Transformation of Clinton-Como Park
    My Favorite River Spot
    Linden to Become Leafier
    Trees for Mom…or for Others
  • Summer 2014 (PDF)
    Adopt your Pond for a Cleaner Olentangy River
    Big Spring Tree Planting at Ohio School for the Deaf
    5th Ave. Dam Removal – a New Beginning
    New Butterfly Gardens at Worthington Hills and Clinton Como Park
    Urban Rainscapes!
  • Fall 2013 (PDF)
    Olentangy River Water Trail to Make a Splash this Fall
    Sustainable Stormwater Management Comes to Weiland Park
    Olentangy River Restoration Continues
    Worthington Canoe Access Invites Paddlers to the Olentangy
  • Spring 2013 (PDF)
    Olentangy Urban Rainscapes Incorporates New Infrastructure
    Olentangy River Restoration Progress Update
  • Spring 2012 (PDF)
    Liberty Park Tackles Restoration of Wildcat Run
    Local Golf Courses Join An Exciting Partnership
    FLOW Seeks Help Collecting Discarded Plastic Bottles
  • Winter 2012 (PDF)
    FLOW and City of Columbus Launch 2011 Honeysuckle Removal Program in City Parks
    A Special Thank You!
  • Spring 2011 (PDF)
    The MONITOR Program Monitoring, Observing and Naming Impacted Tributaries
    Tributaries of the Lower Olentangy River in Delaware County
    Table 1: 2009-2010 QHEI and HHEI results
    Thanks to Volunteers, Tree Plantings a Great Success
    MONITOR Report Forthcoming
    Stream Naming
  • Winter 2011 (PDF)
    Supporting FLOW’s Education and Protection Efforts
    Adopt an Area Volunteer Groups
    “Soaking It In” Dedication Ceremony
  • Fall 2010 (PDF)
    Honda Rain Garden
    Liberty Township Park Restoration
    MONITOR update
    Rich Wissler: Loss of a Valued Friend
  • Summer – Fall 2010 (PDF)
    Riffle, Pool and Run
    Tributary Naming Project Update
    FLOW Intern Works on Stream Naming Project And Learns About Watersheds
    Rain Barrel Pilot Project Update
  • Spring – Summer 2010 (PDF)
    “When I First Hopped into the River”– A Volunteer Profile
  • Winter 2010 (PDF)
    Looking Back on 2009 and Ahead to 2010
    Adopt-An-Area of the Olentangy
    Backyard Conservation and Rain Barrel Classes
    Columbus Water Trail on the Olentangy
    Watershed Action Plan
  • Fall 2009 (PDF)
    Volunteers Graduate from Watershed 101
    Update on Clintonville Rain Garden Project
    Water Trail Kiosks
  • Summer 2009 (PDF)
    Adopt-an-Area Volunteers Make a Difference
    Healthy Yards, Healthy Streams
    Rain Barrel Workshops
    Contributors Needed for Watershed Wiki
  • Spring 2009 (PDF)
    FLOW Wins National Grant Competition
    Healthy Streams, Healthy Yards
    Watershed Feature: Whetstone Prairie
  • Winter 2009 (PDF)
    Vernal Pools
    New MONITOR Program
    Water Trail Updates
    FLOW: The Film
    Adopt-An-Area of the Olentangy
  • Fall 2008 (PDF)
    Fifth Avenue Dam Update
    Stopping Sewer Overflows
    Porous Pavement for Cleaner Rivers
  • Spring 2008 (PDF)
    Olentangy Water Trail in Columbus
    Invasive Plant Profi le: Garlic Mustard
    Rain Barrel Cost Share Program 2008
  • Winter 2007 (PDF)
    Update on Rush Run Riparian Restoration Project at Park Blvd. Park
    Writing the Olentangy
  • Fall 2007 (PDF)
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recommends Removal of the Fifth Avenue Dam
    Rain Barrels: Sold Out
    A “New” Newsletter and Changes to the Monthly Meeting Schedule
    Watershed Arts Project
  • Spring/Summer 2007 (PDF)
    FLOW celebrates 10 years of Service
    The Ohio Breeding Birds Atlas II
    Rush Run Restoration Project
    Know your streams: Ackerman Run
    Stream Naming Conventions
    Rain Barrel Cost Share Program 2007
    Look DEEP!
    Community Radio
  • Fall 2006 Three-Petal Conservation Letter

Additional Studies, Updates and News of the Olentangy River

Also see OSU capstone page for student studies