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Photo courtesy of Rob Core

FLOW projects

volunteers planting trees

Tour some of FLOW’s projects via this story map (click to view)

Thanks to Shelly Douglas for creating this story map!

FLOW by the numbers 2023

FLOW by the numbers - 2023


 2020 AARP Community Challenge Grantee

Project Category – Public Spaces

To improve walkability around an elementary school and housing complex, four stone barn benches and 50 large canopy trees were planted to provide needed shade and heat relief.
Slyh Run bridge team
FLOW has been working for the last 4 years to get a pedestrian bridge over Slyh Run at Cranbrook Elementary School so that the students could get safely to school, to see the 0.1 acre prairie garden we installed on the north parcel, view the stream inserts we installed, and enjoy the riparian corridor. It finally came together this week.
It took 32 cubic yards of concrete and rebar, 35.35 tons of gravel, countless bolts, washers and screws, lots of people power and a 50 ton crane!


FLOW’s recent projects

Photos from recent events and projects can be found on our Facebook page

2023 service projects

2023 service projects – click for larger view


FLOW has installed numerous pollinator gardens in the watershed, in partnership with a number of organizations. This google map is always being updated with pollinator and rain gardens in the watershed.

This thriving garden is on Olentangy River Road at the Anheuser-Busch Sports Park. (click to enlarge) How many species can you identify?

Pollinator garden






This is one of 17 tree planting events FLOW led in 2022; this one was sponsored by One Tree Planted, at Kempton Run. Click the photo to see the full gallery!