Recycle Right!


What can you recycle in Franklin County?

SWACO, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio has a goal: by improving our recycling habits, Franklin County can reach a 75% recycling rate by 2032. It’s important to know what you can and can’t recycle, for the most efficient outcome. We are already at a 51% recycling rate which is above the national average! Let’s work together to meet that goal (and also, fewer trash cleanups for FLOW!) This chart shows what’s going in the landfill now that could be diverted.

Landfill waste characterization chart

Graphic courtesy of SWACO


Learn more here – you’ll be surprised by what can be recycled:

SWACO has created this webinar about trash, the landfill, recycling and more: WATCH HERE



This SWACO webinar is all about keeping your yard waste out of the landfill. 


In addition to donating to thrift stores, there are other no-shop ways to help your unwanted but usable items to find new homes.

The Freecycle Network has an active Columbus group, with a website presence and an app to help connect users.

There are local Facebook groups that connect neighborhood freecyclers (Clintonville, Upper Arlington, and more). is also a good place to post giveaway items to your neighbors.

There are even Facebook groups for specific items like the Central Ohio Puzzle Swap!


Be conscious about your closet! The environmental costs of “fast fashion” are huge, and include a massive carbon footprint and water pollution from microplastics released into the waterways. This slide show from the Worthington Partnership Green Team “Learn and Grow” series covers the impacts of this growing trend and how to make more sustainable choices. (pdf)



Plastic bags, wraps, and films can’t be recycled in your curbside recycling bins. But, you can take some of these items to local retail stores where they collect plastic grocery bags for recycling. Any package that you see with the How2Recycle Store Drop-Off label can be recycled this way. Get all the details here. You’ll be surprised by how much you can recycle.