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FLOW stream quality monitoring


Volunteer Stream Quality Monitors from the Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) sampled 18 Olentangy tributaries in 26 locations in 2022. The Cumulative Index Value (CIV) is a score assigned based on the number of different organisms called macroinvertebrates found in these streams. The streams are rated based on the diversity of organisms found that can only live in clean water. The higher the score, the more diverse species were found. Low scores indicate poor water quality and FLOW uses that information to target areas that need improvement.

More reports can be found in our Wiki site; many of the tributaries have their own pages with water quality reports attached.

To become a stream quality monitoring volunteer, contact us at

For more info on stream quality monitoring in Ohio, visit the ODNR page.

This Google map shows the location of our sampling sites

FLOW Stream Quality Monitoring sites and scores


These are a few of the macroinvertebrates that are often found when sampling our tributaries. Group 1 macroinvertebrates are the most pollution sensitive, while Group 3 are the most tolerant of pollution.