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One of the many ways we are aiming to enhance the health of the Olentangy Watershed is through campaigning for the planting of trees. Our goal is to partner with the Olentangy Watershed community and have everyone planting and caring for trees. We do this by providing the community with education on the variety of benefits that come with planting these earth-loving, oxygen-providing, water quality-enhancing wonders!

OSU’s capstone native tree website
The 2023 OSU capstone group created a survey to learn more about how we can better serve our watershed when we do our annual tree giveaway. As part of this project, they created a website with info on the benefits of native trees. Topics include:


Our urban tree canopy coverage needs improvement

Planting trees helps lower urban heat islands

The Benefits of Trees

Learn how to plant a tree

    • Video on how to plant a tree or seedling
    • Don’t Forget to call OUPS before you dig to protect yourself from underground utilities
    • How to prune a young tree (video)